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The Reincarnation Stone

Part 1~ Keila has taken over being Guildmaster after her mother's mysterious disappearance. Yet when a tumble takes it's toll, tossing her across the land, a single strange cave draws in friends and strangers towards mysteries never solved and never told. Carla has successfully made her name as the best and only solo team in the Floorel Guild, purely on brute strength and stubborness. But when things start to go Updates Sundays early afternoon.


CAMEOS NEEDED & TRS part 2Coming soon to a Smackjeeves near you

The Reincarnation Stone season 2 will be starting back up on June 2, 2019 at 11:00 AM standard eastern time U.S.

I'm at 12 pages of buffer at the moment, tests and school stuff have been destroying my motivation for anything, but my summer break is starting in a week so I'll be upping my productivity on TRS with my free time.

So the comic will be looking a little different when it comes back
~All pages will consistently be the exact same size
~New and old characters will be joining us
~New places explored and old ones revisited
~Words will be typed and not hand written for better readability
~Better pacing
~Better and more interesting story

Also there will
Be a ton of crowd scenes and background characters

You can cameo as many pokemon characters as you want!
No legendaries, fakemon, or fusions.
Shinies are perfectly fine (Shinies are not rare in this universe)
Pokemon with slightly different colors from the original is fine as long as it doesn't differ too much (an umbreon with only the rings and eye color changed is fine as long as it still is mostly dark furred and can be identified as an umbreon)
I'm serious there is no limit, enter as many as you possibly have.
All will be used at some point or another.
All you need to do is provide a link to a ref or picture of them. (Or description of them in a comment on here)
As one final note, you can cameo as many characters you want as long as they fit the requirements. No limit! please, I don't want to be stuck rolling the random pokemon generator for crowd scenes and background characters.

I am so hyped! It's going to be great! The story is 85 % set in stone and the rest I'm fiddling around with to find the best way to take it. I have like 20 notebooks with doodles and sketches planning out the comic.

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am and I'd love to hear your suggestions and input on the comic.

posted by 9rainbowtails @ May 15th, 2019, 8:47 pm  -  8 comments

Coming back

Regular updates will resume Saturday October 6

posted by 9rainbowtails @ August 29th, 2018, 7:19 pm  -  0 comments

Cameos and other stuff

Sorry for not updating in a while, my backup page got deleted and I haven't really had time to make more. But I am working on a page right now and it will be posted next Sunday at three o'clock in Eastern daylight time, be there!

I am accepting cameos as well, but just to fill empty backgrounds and cities. So all you need is a link to a reference. I will not go searching through your entire art dump to find your character, so no reference no cameo. They must be Pokémon,
shinies are fine. No fakemon or legendaries, I will accept slightly altered Pokémon designs like a ninetails with rainbow tails or an espeon with stripes as long as you can tell want Pokémon it is.

Also I'm working on a world page, It'slike the character page but about the world that TRS takes place in.

Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy the comic

posted by 9rainbowtails @ April 16th, 2018, 10:55 am  -  1 comments

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